How to Solve Problems with System Restore
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Sometimes you're working on your computer and it just isn't acting right. Perhaps you just installed some new software a few days ago and the problem started then. You've tried uninstalling, but the problems continue. Often the best way to get back to normal is to use System Restore. System Restore lets you roll your computer back to a time when it was working well without losing any of your documents, images, movies or music. We'll show you how.


Butterscotch Tutorial Hi. This is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome to your tutorials on how you can solve computer problems sometimes using System Restore. Now I’m here in Windows Vista. System Restore creates a point of time in a particular date and time that sets this state of your system and you can go back and restore your system to that point. So in this we’re going to click Start, Control Panel. Control panel, we’re going to go down to System try to keep in mind that with System Restore, you do not lose any data. You won’t lose documents, graphic files, pictures, and music, anything else. You will lose programs that you’ve installed from the date you’re doing the restore to the date that the restore point covers. But often, that’s the reason you’re doing the System Restore. We’ll click on System Protection, then I continue is because some software you installed in making your system act funny. So here in the System Protection tab, we’re going to click System Restore. If you want, you can read this section inhere on how the System Restore work. We’ll click Next. Now you see here I have number of restore points and it shows the exact date and exact time. So I’m going to do it this one, Fresh and install. I’m going to take my computer back to a time in those thrilling days of yesteryear when it was running smoothly. I’ll click Next. It gives me a summary to confirm our restore point, the date, the time. It was a manual restore point and it was entitled “fresh install” Now, I’ll click Finish to remind us that once started System Restore may not be interrupted. It cannot be undone until after it’s completed. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Yes, I’m sure. So now, it’s preparing to restore our system on the date that I selected. And now, Windows is going to shutdown and restart. It’s logging off, shutting down. Now, changing the files and settings, so that System Restore is initializing, and you can also see a separate tutorial on this for Windows XP. Now, system restore is removing temporary files. It’s just about ready to reboot. So now our system has rebooted, sign in. and Window’s spinning back up fresh from our system restore. Well sometimes you may get messages saying your anti-virus protection is incomplete because it hasn’t been updated. For example, if you created the System Restore point on January 1st and you used it on June 1st, there’s going to be all this things that might be missing. So here, you can see “System Restore Completed Successfully.” It’s been restored to a particular date and time. Your documents have not been affected. We can click Close. And now we’re good to go and hopefully, the problem for which we use System Restore has been solved. So that’s System Restore. A way to solve problems and that’s all there is to it.