How to Shop for Umbrella Strollers - DadLabs Ep. 284 Gear Daddy
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Don't let a cheap stroller rain on your parade. Daddy Troy gives the top 10 things to look for when buying an umbrella stroller. Troy presents some interesting stats detailing how many kids get hurt a year and how due to stroller accidents. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy I am your host Daddy Troy. Last week we look up the off road urban jungle stroller this week we are going to the opposite of another spectrum and we are going to talk about a top ten things to look when you buy an umbrella stroller. An umbrella stroller is the lightest and most compact all strollers they can be left in the car for everyday use their small profile makes them ideal for traveling and they are also really, really cheap. And this will cost you about 15 bucks at the Big Box Store. Today I am going to list the top 10 things to look for when you go to buy one of this umbrella strollers but you can put your pens away because we have a credible list that Episode 284 so let us get started. The first thing we are going to look at are the wheels now you notice on this stroller this wheels are not inflatable, they are usually just pieces of plastic and therefore for the first things that we are going to go. You will notice the wheels on this particular stroller actually thicker a little more durable than the ones on this stroller over here that are thinner and might be more up to wear out first. Now unlike higher end strollers, these strollers right here do not have an extension, so tall Dad’s actually have a problem on how low to the ground these are. You always spinning over to push it. If you can find one that has extensions go for it. In order to stop the stroller from rolling with your kid in it or to keep another kid from pushing it one strollers come with the breaking mechanism as you can see right here. You use your foot to press it, it breaks and the stroller does not move. And this are cheap plastic and say what to make sure you get sturdy cheap plastic so that the stroller would not move it is a safety mechanism And speaking of safety the American Academy of Pediatrics has published a report this is about 13,000 kids each year are taken to the emergency room for a stroller related accident. Now about 75% of those come from kids falling out of their stroller. So you can guess what is the most important part of the stroller is going to be, that is going to be the buckle. Now as a parent, you are always going to be buckling your kid in even though you might be tempted not too and you want to make sure that the buckle is both sturdy and one you could easily use not all buckles are created equally. Another 11% of injuries come from the stroller tipping over sometimes from a parent putting a bag just like a shopping bag on the back of the stroller and there it goes. So you never want to do that now some strollers not very many of this umbrella strollers come with some sort of storage mechanism underneath that gives a low center of gravity it is within the basis support and therefore keeps it from tipping over. There is a little harder to find but it is worth it, if are playing on storing some stuff while you are out on a stroll. The small footprint of an umbrella stroller allows you to navigate really crowded area. You also noticed at the front wheels turn a lot so it makes really easy to move around but if you ever find yourself on a straight away and just want to keep going straight find a stroller that allows the front wheels to be locked in the plates. This becomes especially useful the older the stroller gets the wheels become slightly unbalanced the whole things a little wonky. If this are locked down it will go straight and when you are going straight it would not wobble back and forth on you. Umbrella strollers are not designed for comfort. They are actually pretty uncomfortable and your kid will not spend a whole a lot of time in it. Nonetheless, you still want to make sure that at least when your kids sits in it, here she find it somewhat comfortable. So take it along with you pop it out put the kid in it. Remember you use an adult make the final decision but at least you can look at your kid in it and see if it is too small or too big for your kid, or might pinch the kids somewhere. The reason this were called umbrella strollers is number one they kind of look like