How to Shop for Men's Athletic Wear
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Style experts Terry and Jeff guide you through men's fashion, this time doling out advice on how to piece together a stylish athletic look for any man, and which fabrics are best for working out.


[Background music playing] It seems like a new day that is pumping us everyday, but the only sure way to get in shape and have a good body is to work out. When it comes into working out you need to have pretty much more of everything you needed. A good care pair of bottoms for any type of the temperature or weather, you need a good, snug-fitting athletic top. So, here are a few tips for men’s athletic wear, at last. There is really nothing that can replace a good old hair, have them in short. The first thing to think about when selecting an athletic garment is to wear when working out is the many items will come in elastic ways. You can see here, you can have a draw string, which helps to fit it to your admonishing waist line. And also; it is important then that the fabric that would be the right fabric for working out. The idea when you are working out is when your body temperature rises, which then it costs you to sweat and some people make mistake of wearing cotton. Cotton is fantastic, you come for garment for your casual wear, but when you are being athletic, cotton is the worst thing. It holds all your sweat, maps itself to your body and actually makes you hotter. There is variety of sports wear that comes in synthetics. Those are generally the best, because they tend to quick away the sweat from your body, therefore making you cooler and able to have to stay athletic. Warm-ups are important, you do not want cottony sweat pants, because again they are cotton, but you want something warm to keep your muscles loose, they do not pull a muscle. Pockets are in a must-have-on, for you in order you put your keys and your iPod, or your condoms, or any of the things you might need when you are going to the gym. It is very important also, that you wear these to the gym, for outrunning. Not out to a club or a restaurant or a small island. It is extremely important, this is athletic rhythm, and this is not casual. I do not care if it is juicy on the ass, you should wear that. So, we really hope that helps in making the best selection for your athletic wear, needs and good luck in the gym.