How to Set a Healthy Sleep Schedule for Kids
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Is nighty-night time a living hell? What is the best way to establish a healthy sleep routine with babies and young children? Ferberize or co-sleep? Is it possible for your kid to actually sleep like a baby? Watch and learn.


Daddy Brad: Sleeps like a baby. Who came up with that crap dude. Sleeps like a baby. Honestly, some who would never try to put a baby to sleep. Daddy Clay: Welcome back to the DadLab. Daddy Brad: You know what, the only thing it is worse the only phrases is worth just sleeps like a baby. Is she is crowning because that is got nothing to do with crown. Daddy Clay: Which has nothing to do with this episode which is actually all about sleeping and establishing healthy sleeping patterns it is brought to you by Baby Bjorn and a new Baby Sitter Balance which is a great place for the baby to sleep or rest or even play the Baby Sitter Balance. Daddy Brad: You know what pisses me often the most about it sleeps like a baby. They make the sound like a so easy like I just put the baby down and they go to sleep. It is automatic is simple. It is not. Daddy Clay: Yes, you are obviously work up this issue which is very typical and passed across the board because after all with healthy kids what could be more stressful than being up in the middle of a night. Did with sleep issues. Daddy Brad: So, to get the scoop on setting healthy sleep routines. We talk to Dr. David Duhon of the Center for Sleep Disorders here in Central Texas. Dr. Duhon: Most of the time, when I wanted to go sleep behavioral problems. It was the parents did not set limits. The routine is extremely important. They should go to bed about the same time without exemption. It should provide enough time for them to sleep. A three-year-old should be 11 or 12 hours a night. Five-year-old not much less of 10. A 10-year-old should still be nine- ten hours per night a lot of their sleep. The child having be awake in the morning if they are difficult to wake and they are not gaining enough sleep. Studies indicated this point that close to half of all school age should have not a television in the bedroom. No child should have a television to bedroom. I do not think adult should have a television in the bedroom it is bad for sleep habits. Similar they should never have a computer in their bedroom. I would take their cell phones away from them at night. They should not have that out there either, until age three they should be number of amount TV their watch should be zero. After that very little. Daddy Clay: Now, for you newer expecting dads you may not realize that setting up your sleep routine was one of those subject matters I can actually throw you in the middle of a big fat controversy argument with people. Daddy Brad: Understand—you jerk out of this child with you. Daddy Clay: Joe we turn off. Daddy Brad: I cannot contact with you. Daddy Brad: Do not pretend to be other town. Daddy Clay: You the idiot. Daddy Brad: You know there are two schools are taught in these Red State, Blue State style to obey about sleeping. They are the “cold sleeping people” and then there the “let them cry out people”. Attachment parenting people and for horizon people. Daddy Clay: Yes, those are password you are going to hear right before somebody me through the red cross right so watch for that kind of thing, now speaking in the most broad possible terms attachment parenting it is champion by the very famous pediatrician Dr. Williams Sears. Dr. Sears and he encourage us because sleeping also known as the family bed. And also what he refers to as night time parenting that by close contact with the baby is soothed them back to sleep. Dr. Duhon: Close sleeping as I understand was primarily an issue was nursing mothers and in that you know to some extent convenient. Although, it is not you know it probably no less convenient I have the let say a crib are best not right next to the bed where the mother can reach and bring the child in rather than have it in the bed. You know, the only thing that bed force is actually sleep quality. More people they have them in the bed they lower the sleep quality of everybody in it. I do not get four kids and I can tell you kids move around a lot in bed. Daddy Brad: Ferber introduced by Dr. Richard Ferber has parents promote independent sleeping and self soothi