How to Serve Unique Hors d'oeuvres
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Celebration Expert Andrea Correale shows you how to make Unique Hors d'oeuvres without the hassle. They're sure to wow your guests!


[Music Playing] Diana: Hi and welcome to Celebration. I am Diana Heather, editor of I am throwing a party today and I want to serve some hor deorves that really look impressive. Catering expert Andrea Corealli is the expert the starts go to. Who better to help me today? Hi Andrea, thank you so much for coming. Andrea: I am happy to be here Diana. Diana: I want to have some friends over and I want to be able to do something that is easy to prepare, but looks fabulous. Any ideas? Andrea: I will show you how to make the basic appetizers, but present them in a totally new way. It is all about being creative. When it comes to serving appetizers, it is really important that you serve food that your guest can easily eat while they mingle. Here we have tomato with mozzarella, and pesto. When presenting it on a seafood fork, this classic takes on a whole new presentation that is appealing to the eye as well as to the palate. We have taken the same concept here with grilled pineapple and coconut chicken. Only this time, we presented it on a spoon. Another way to present on a utensil is by using shrimp cocktail that easily fits on the fork. Finally, my favorite crudatae, everybody serves crudatae at their party, but why not serve it in a little glass? That way your guess can just grab and go. This concept works well with both of glass candle holders or shot glasses. Diana: Andrea that hor deorves tastes great and they look beautiful. I think everyone is really enjoying it. Thank you so much. Andrea: You are welcome Diana. Diana: For more information from Andrea and for other great party ideas, go to