How to Send an Email from a Computer to a Cell Phone
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Learn how to send an email from a computer to almost any cell phone by watching this easy to follow video. Shows where to find a list of email addressed that cell phone companies use to send emails to phones.


Male Speaker: Hi there. Today's video lesson is going to be on how to send an email from your computer to a cell phone. To do this you only need two pieces of information, you need to know the phone number and the cell phone provider of the phone that you want to send an email to. If you know the cell phone provider already then it is very easy to send an email, if you don't know the provider then keep watching and I will show you how to get that information at the end of the video. If you do know the cell phone company already then the first thing that you want to do is go up here to your address bar and type in, that's Okay, once you click on that, look up here towards the top of the site where it says email to cell phone and go ahead and click on that and what comes up here is a large list of cell phone service providers. And you can see to the right of the service providers is an email address. Now these companies use that email address to receive incoming emails and then they transfer them to text messages and send them to the phones. And all you have to do is, where the number signs are here at the beginning you replace that with the ten digit phone number that you want to send a text message to. So in this example we are going to send an email out to a Verizon phone. So the first thing that we're going to do is navigate down the list and we will find Verizon right here. Okay now what we're going to do is copy the '@' symbol and very thing after it. So hit copy and now just go to your favorite email program, for this example I'm just using my account Yahoo Mail and here in the tool box you want to paste what you copied from Now at the beginning here this is where you type the ten digit phone number that you want to send an email to. Okay and enter it just like I did no parenthesis, no spaces, no dashes just all numbers. The subject you can live blank, in the body this is where you type your email that will be transferred over to a text message so we're just typing this is a test. Now if we hit send and send this text message it would send out an email to that phone and once they received it they would receive it in the form of a text message, and the text message we would simply save this is a test. And it would be from your email address and the neat part is if they actually respond to your text message you will receive an email in your inbox from their cell phone. So you can communicate back and forth that way. Now as I said it is a little bit more difficult if you don't know who the cell phone provider is. I will show you what you can do. The first thing that you can do is simply a trial and error method. If you know some of the larger cell phone providers in your area, you can pick them and try to send to a few emails out. Typically if the company does not provide service to that phone number you are trying to send a text to, you'll get a message saying that the email didn't go through, but that doesn't always work. So one thing that almost always works is reverse phone search and here on this site you can start a reverse search in this search box over on the left hand side. So all you have to do is enter a phone number and for this video example we're just going to enter the number four directory assistance then click search now. Now the search results are going to come up and its going to give you information on the area code and the exchange on this site. As I said we searched for directory assistance, so we don't have a lot of information here. But a lot of times under provider, sometimes under the exchange info it will have a cell phone company and you can try to send an email out using that cell phone company and lot of times that would work, but its not always accurate because people port their old numbers over and also smallest cell phone companies just get chunks of exchanges, so as I said that's not always accurate. But one accurate method that you can use is over here if you click on through to reverse phone detective. On the next page it will give you little bit more information and you can actually buy a report that's going to give you all the information you need about that cell phone number and I will show you a sample report just so you can see what you are getting. Basically you type in a phone number, it will give you the owner's name of that phone, the phone number line typed so you can verify that it is a mobile phone you're trying to send an email to. The most current address of that phone owner, as long -- as well as a map and over here it has the phone issuing location with the mobile telephone company. So once you know the mobile telephone company then you just go to the list I showed you at the beginning of this video, follow the simple steps and you can send them an email in the form of the text message very easily. So as you see if you follow the simple steps its very easy just go to the list, find the email for that particular cell phone provider and it's very easy to send an email from your computer to a cell phone.