How to Sell a Home with the Triplet Factor
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This home is ready to sell, thanks to expert advice from the design team.


Clive Pearse: So finally we are here, it's open House Day at Zack Cook and Mellisa Cooks. Before potential buyers come through though it's time to take a look at some of Lisa LaPorta's little miracles. Lisa LaPorta: We have made it, it's Open House Day. How are you feeling? Zack Cook: Tired. Lisa LaPorta: Your work is going to pay off, all of our hard work is going to pay off today, because this place looks great. And in this room, had no purpose, no identity other than for toys. And now it's this wonderful adult sitting parlour. Clive Pearse: New chairs, window treatments and barstools make this room an elegant addition to the house. A fresh coated paints, some decorative accessories and a light fixture add the finishing touches. Lisa LaPorta: It is great and all within our budget. Let's go upstairs. Zack Cook: Alright. Now this is night and day. Lisa LaPorta: Yes, it is. Clive Pearse: Before this space was unattractive and unusable, now it's a beautiful vanity that's sure to lure buyers in. A console table, mirror and decorative accessories, were all that was needed to create this unique space. And the transformation doesn't end there. Lisa LaPorta: This is my favorite transformation room of the house. Melissa Cook: Beautiful. Zack Cook: This is amazing. Clive Pearse: Before, this bathroom was a grainy mess. Now, it's a classy master suite that adds true value to the home. New window treatments, shower curtains and wall color give the space a rich feel. The formally tired vanity area now has a new faucet and a lovely mirror, an updated light fixture and some accessories finish this room off in style. Last but not least, the nursery. Lisa LaPorta: Looks great. Melissa Cook: It really looks great. Zack Cook: And you can open the door. Lisa LaPorta: It's not the office guest/retro-clothes museum that it was before. Clive Pearse: Now, it's an open and airy nursery. Using furniture, accessories and closet doors that Melissa and Zack Cook had in storage, this once cluttered disaster area is reborn.