How to Secure Your Toddler in a Car Seat
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Learn how to properly secure your toddler in a child safety seat in your car. Using a car seat can save your children's lives.


Hello! I am Stephanie Tombrello, Executive Director of SafetyBeltSafe, USA. We're talking about how to protect the older toddler and young child who are riding forward-facing in the car. This safety seat only faces the front of the car. It has the characteristic that it comes with a full harness. Most of them go to 40 pounds, one or two go higher than that. But the seat itself will go as high as 100 pounds, when it's chosen as a booster seat. For this age child, we want it to be used with full harness. Therefore, using the instructions, we will decide which set of harness slots to use. For a forward-facing child, we want the harness slots to be at or above shoulder level. The retainer clip needs to be at armpit level. If you have covers on the harness straps, just make sure that they don't cause you to put the retainer clip too low on the child's body. This seat has a tether strap to keep the child's head away from danger and stabilize the seat and it has only a forward-facing belt path. Tighten the tether from the back and test it at the belt path. Once the seat is in tightly, you're going to adjust the harness on the child, plus you have to loosen it to fit the child. Once it's on the child's body, pull the front adjuster so that you can make it snug and you can't pinch any arm. Harness strap between your fingers. That's the test. When the child who's in the seat, outgrows the seat either because the child's weight goes above 40 pounds or because the child's shoulders get above the top harness slots, you may decide to convert it into a booster and use it for the young child, who's at least three, preferably for as a booster. Next, we're going to show you how to secure your toddler or young child in the safety seat.