How to Save with the Clearance Aisle
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Melissa teaches you how to save by purchasing marked down items at the clearance aisle.


No matter what grocery your stride in, I always like to seek out the discounted or the clearance rack aisle or sometimes its actually even a shopping cart. Inside your going to find the most amazing deals. What happens is the grocery stores have some supplies that they can't send back any of their inventory, so you win because they put it in clearance in this cart. It translates into a lot of ethnic foods which is great news for me because they’re expensive and when I can get them on clearance then they become super affordable. So you know I got organic foods or ethnic foods or—well we got coconut milk, this is perfect I love to have this for curries and then also in the clearance aisle I love to stock up on chocolate at the end of every major holiday. Because all the holiday candy goes on sale including the plain chocolates, so what that means is I can get my plain chocolate for less than half price and use in recipes or even just for snacking or making smores.