How to Save Money with Coupons
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If clipping coupons seems too time consuming, wait until you see how much money you can save in one trip. Rhiannon went grocery shopping with coupon queen, Susan Samtur.


Audra Lowe: Wait until you see just how much money that you can save on one trip. Rhiannon went grocery shopping with Coupon Queen, Susan Samtur. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. We all want to save money at the grocery store and today, we’re learning easy ways to save you some money. The Coupon Queen is showing us how. Susan Samtur: Thank you. Rhiannon Ally: What’s the first thing we do before we come to the grocery store? Susan Samtur: Well actually, the first thing I did, I did before I even stepped in to the grocery store and that was to go on to the website of the store because on the website they have all of the items that are on sale just like the weekly flyer and you can print off a shopping list. Rhiannon Ally: She maybe small in stature, but the Coupon Queen knows how to save big bucks. After checking the store’s website for sales and coupons, check the newspaper too. Pre-planning is key. Susan Samtur: This week, I’m going to really take advantage of the baby carrots, ¢99 which is a great deal. Rhiannon Ally: It is. Susan Samtur: And the whole celery for ¢99. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Susan Samtur: So, you plan your shopping trip and your menu around what’s on sale. Rhiannon Ally: Though Susan says, “Sticking to your shopping list is essential to save”, there are exceptions when a big holiday or event is coming up. Susan Samtur: At the top it tells you you’re going to get three ounces free of the bread crumbs so you’re not only getting it on sale. Saving 50%, you’re getting another three ounces free, too good to pay that. Rhiannon Ally: You can’t beat that? Susan Samtur: No. Rhiannon Ally: So, even if you don’t need something even if it’s a good deal, it might be worth picking up. Susan Samtur: Right. And let’s see, with the holiday’s coming. This is probably an excellent item to have on stock. Rhiannon Ally: What for those extras in sight. One place you’re certain to find freebies, is the cereal aisle. Susan Samtur: This one has a free alarm clock. Rhiannon Ally: Look at that, great for a kid. Susan Samtur: So, it’s kind of a fun aisle and of course, not to be outdone, are the coupon dispensers that you will find. Now, this is a great coupon because it says one dollar offer for one which means whatever the sale price is, it is one dollar all off a single bucks. Rhiannon Ally: Waiting for the items to go on sale and then matching your coupon are the real money savers between the internet and the Sunday paper, the Coupon Queen says it’s easy to find coupons for the same items and that doubles your savings. Susan Samtur: If you buy one, you get one free. Rhiannon Ally: Wow, double savings. Susan Samtur: So one is going to be totally free and the other one, I’m getting a $1.50 off. Rhiannon Ally: You’ve got a dinner for the family right here, two different dinners. And believe it or not, you’re not always saving more when you buy store brands. Susan Samtur: In general, I find that I do much better with the name brand because I always get it on sale and the use a corresponding coupon. Now, we happen to see that over in the other aisle where the Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix was $1.99. The store brand was $2.19 but then I have a coupon for the Aunt Jemima bringing my cost down to ¢99. So, that’s why it really does pay to use national brands. Rhiannon Ally: But you maybe questioning whether you really have the time to collect coupons. How long did it take you to get these all together? Susan Samtur: Well, actually I went to the store’s website, I used a Sunday inserts and I filed all of my coupons just like the categories that you see here. So, I don’t find it difficult at all. I have a really coordinated system. My shopping list is the supermarket of my coupons, in online categories. Rhiannon Ally: Easy, okay, here we go. We’re going to see how much we saved. By using coupons and watching sales, we just got all of this. It should have been $143.00. We got it for $17.00, saving $125.00. Susan Samtur: But I guess it’s unbelievable. And this is got really by the wiseness of coupons, store sales, and combining everything and maximizing your savings as we did as we walked through the store. Rhiannon Ally: And it’s all great step that’ll feed us for at leas a week, probably even longer than that. Thank you so much Susan. Susan Samtur: You’re welcome. Rhiannon Ally: Now, we just got to bag it all up and take it home. Susan Samtur: And I’m packing again. Rhiannon Ally: They don’t call her the Coupon Queen for nothing. For Better, I’m Rhiannon. Audra Lowe: And you can find more of Susan’s tips including saving on clothing and kid’s toys on her website. We’ll add a link to