How to Save Money on Meat Purchases
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Melissa teaches you how to save money when you buy meat at the supermarket by buying products that are marked as loss leaders.


The most expensive item on your plate is probably the protein, so lets talk about how you can get your meat for not a lot of money. If you look at any grocery store flyer, you’re going to see the loss leaders in the meat department being advertised. Now what are loss leaders? They are the deeply discounted proteins that grocery stores advertise to bring customers in to do all of their shopping but what the grocery stores don’t want you to know is you can go and load up on these loss leaders. So for instance, today I’ve got boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.69 a pound instead of $4.99 a pound, so that’s a huge discount, more than 50% and that’s your clue that its probably the loss leader. Usually there's a loss leader in the chicken department, in the pork department and of the beef department, so I’m always scanning to find out one item that is more than 50% off and then I load up on that item, so you load up on proteins when they’re on sale, not when you need them. Like here in the pork department, the pork loin, this is one of my favorite cuts of meat to have in my freezer. It is so versatile, I can use it for almost anything and this week its on sale for $2.29 a pound instead of $4.99 a pound. So that is a huge tip off of more than 50% off this is probably my pork loss leader for the week. So I’m going to stock up, just because you bought your meat in a package and on sale doesn’t mean you can't use your butcher. So I’ve taken my pork loin and asked the butcher to cut out a roast, some chops and some stir fry so he does that while I finish my shopping and then I swing by to get them, thank you. Great, and I’ve got a roast and chops and stir fry, these packages to go straight into my freezer. Now if you don’t have a butcher at your store, you can go ahead and just take them on your self and just cut it up as soon as you get home and then stick it on your freezer bag and put it in the freezer.