How to Save Money on Kids Summer Camp
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Better.TV's Rhiannon Ally talks to camp expert Julie Cole about money saving tips for your kids summer camp.


How to Save Money on Kids Summer Camp Rhiannon Ally: Now it’s time to talk about summer camp. This summer a lot of people will be sending their kids off to camp but before they go there are so many things that you need to consider. Camp expert Julie Cole is here to help us pack, help us save money and even give our little ones the best summer experience possible. Hi Julie! Julie Cole: Hi! Rhiannon Ally: Summer camp is one of my favorite things as a kid. I went to girls scout camp and I know a lot of kids are getting excited. We want to talk about everything from what to pack that will save money. Julie Cole: Okay. Well you're right it’s an exciting time of the year everybody is getting geared up putting the kids to camp and the kids are very excited as well. A few money saving tips I always say is that if you are looking to save better money remember there is the day camp option. I mean it’s going to be a different experience than sleep over camp but it’s still a great experience and it allows for a lot of variety. Another thing that parents often don’t consider is actually contacting the camp and asking if they bursaries, asking if they wave fees. I learned early on in my mom and career always ask for sibling discounts, and the same can be for multiple weeks if you're going to take more weeks in camp and make a discount there. And also think about when you're buying the camp gear, you can buy the stuff off season and don’t buy expensive gear either. Let’s face it all of their clothes are going to be trashed by the end of the summer so you might as well send them with stuff you don’t mind seeing trash. Rhiannon Ally: Okay let’s talk about what to send with them. All the kids need the basics. Julie Cole: They do. First of all I would check with your specific camp to see if they have a checklist because if the camp has specific needs obviously the checklist is going to be very specific. If you want a generic checklist I've got one on our website Rhiannon Ally: And you're going to show couple of the things on that checklist? Julie Cole: I am I mean I always start with clothing so basically you need to bring your basic clothes. But always say think in layers and think in seasons, so make sure you're having the rain gear and make sure you dress in layers. If you're sending new hiking booths, get those broken and before you send them to camp because you don’t want your camper nursing little blisters on their little feet. Rhiannon Ally: Good point. Backpacks seems like it will be essential for them to pack everything. Julie Cole: That’s right. Again, check with the camp, you may need a bigger camp if they're doing day trips, they're doing canoe trips and they might also need a little day pack particularly for day camp. Rhiannon Ally: And of course toiletries. Julie Cole: Look you have to bring your toiletries; you have to bring your protective gear. Don’t pack the whole bathroom cabinet but at the same time you don’t want your kids doing sharing on a lot of the stuff right? Rhiannon Ally: No not on the toothbrush. Julie Cole: Exactly so you do need to send all that and gear along. The thing that I always tell parents is that if your child has glasses, if they have prescription medicine, send it all and leave the prescription in the actual bottle it comes and so if they run out or the camp staff can know what it is they're taking. And don’t scrimp out on sending extra and label everything. Rhiannon Ally: For more tips on providing your children with the best summer camp experience they could ever have, go to and click on the link.