How to Save Money on Beans at the Supermarket
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Melissa teaches you how to save money on beans at the supermarket by buying dried beans.


I want to show you how I get canned bean convenience at a dried bean price. Now canned beans, not an expensive ingredient right, this cans are about a $1.00 a go, so this four cans will cost me about $4.00. However I want to show you how to take an inexpensive ingredient and make it down right cheap by getting dried beans instead. This package of one pound of black beans will make a little more than four of this cans of beans. So $1.00, $4.00, what I do is I just take the package, I go home, I soak the beans over night and then the next day I boil them so I get them cooked and I just divide them up into little freezer bags and stick them in my freezer and then they are ready to go. They are as easy—in fact they’re easier to use, I don’t even have to open up a can. I just open up a bag and dump it into my recipe and go. So beans are really an inexpensive when I get them dried and I use them to stretch almost any protein. I can use black beans with beef or pork but I can also use white beans to stretch shrimp, fish, and chicken. I’m telling you, if you can incorporate beans into your family’s diet, you’re going to save a lot of money.