How to Save Money by Buying Manager's Specials
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Melissa teaches you how to save money by buying those items marked as Manager's Specials at the supermarket.


I have a tip for you that is going to change the way you shop in the dairy aisle, let me show you what I’m talking about. Here is a magic sticker, it’s a manager special, the manager special is an unadvertised special, what happens is when the milk has a few days left on the sell by date the manager will mark the milk down by 50% or sometimes even more. So today I’m getting organic milk for half price, what a great way for me to get organic milk into my families diet without spending a ton of money. So just get to the habit for scanning your dairy department for this little orange stickers that mean your getting at least 50% off, so you can be brand loyal with whatever your favorite yogurts are and still buy the product, get it home in time and plenty of time to eat. Because what you’re looking at is the sell by date and the sell by date means the last date that a product can be sold on the shelves but there is still plenty of time for you to go home and enjoy that product with your family. Here I have 29 cents instead of 89 cents, so you can have really big savings if you’re looking for them and you know how to shop in your dairy department.