How to Save Money by Buying at the Supermarket Bulk Aisle
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Melissa teaches you how to save money by buying your food in bulk at the bulk aisle.


Welcome to one of my favorite spots to save in the Grocery store, the bulk aisle. I always buy my koos koos in the bulk aisle because I can buy a large quantity, I keep it in my pantry and I’m never more than five minutes away from a great side dish. Whether its ethnic or something from my kids, I can keep it simple, it’s a really flexible pantry staple and by buying it in bulk I’m saving a lot of money because this koos koos cost about one third of the price of the koos koos when you buy it in that neat little box. So bulk aisle for your koos koos, great way to save money but large quantities in the bulk aisle, I’m talking about half the story. If you have a specialty ingredient that you need just for one recipes sake, think of your bulk aisle. For instance these pecans, they’re on sale here for $4.99 a pound. Now I only need a little bit for a recipe, so I’ll just get one scoop and this is going cost me less than a dollar. Now for $4.99, in a package, its going to give me about this much than pecans, $4.99 here is going to give me a pound and like I said I’m only going to get a buck for my recipe. So if you have a specialty ingredient that you only need a little bit off, think the bulk aisle as well. Did you know that you could also buy your spices in the bulk aisle and save a ton of money, today I need cardinum and some cumin, so rather than buying a big whole jars I’m just going to buy what I need, its cheaper and them my spices stay fresher. Nothing worse than having a cabinet full of spices that have gone bad, that’s money down the drain. All right, this right here is going to cost me like a $1.00. If I have bought this spices in the jars, that would have been over $20.00, so lots of money to be saved with spices in the bulk aisle.