How to Save Money at Lunch
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Buying lunch at work can really add up, both in money and calories. Jeanette Pavini shows us how brown bagging it, is a better way to save on both.


Audra Lowe: Okay buy a lunch at work it can really add up both in money and in calories. Jeanette Pavini issue has brown bag and it’s a better way to save on both of those things. Jeanette Pavini: The cost of the average take out lunch is 6 bucks, the lunch you pack yourself not only cost less it tends to be a low healthier so spending a little time planning translate into big savings. Take out lunches are really a bargain and your open trench in fat. Now when we made lunches at home, turkey on wheat was the only one that broke the dollar barrier. Cheese, tuna, peanut butter and jelly were all less than a buck a day. Now if you crave a daily taste by a jar of pickles or peppers that will only add a few scents into the cost of your meal. You can also save by cooking extra in dinner time and packing it for the next days lunch or having a buddy system with friends where you work just rotate bringing lunch for a group of five one day a week. Now for beverages it makes absolutely no sense to pay for water or coffee so bring a mug to work and drink water or lunch room coffee. And when you add up the savings from bringing the lunch everyday instead of buying it, you will save well over a thousand dollars a year. Audra Lowe: Alright that on Monday Jeanette has better ways to save if you thinking about starting your own business.