How to Save For the Upcoming Holidays
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Many of you want know how to save for the upcoming holidays and what to highlight in resumes and cover letters. We have with Maribel Aber here to answer your questions.


How to Save For the Upcoming Holidays Audra Lowe: And we love to hear from you find out what you want to know to help make your lives better and a lot of the apparently want to know how to save for the upcoming holidays and what to highlight in your resume and the cover letters. So, we have with us Better's financing career expert Maribel Aber to answer all of your questions. Good to have you back Maribel. Maribel Aber: Good to be here. Audra Lowe: I can't believe we're we talking about like Thanksgiving Christmas it's the years has gone by and the holidays are here. Maribel Aber: I know. Audra Lowe: It's crazy. We're doing a lot of shopping and people are getting ready and one of the first questions that we have comes from a viewer. Who wants to really know how to prepare for those holiday expenses let's take a look. Female: Maribel what is the best way to get my holiday budget together. Maribel Aber: Well thank you for that question you know and we think about holiday time it's a great time we're talking about getting ready. And what happens is people forget that we had bills to pay during that time November or December. What I like to do is think about it in terms of the short term savings plan in your overall budget should be thinking about holiday as part that category in short term savings. Audra Lowe: It gets its own budget too right. Maribel Aber: It gets its own budget and even if you would save maybe $25.00 a week and you started in March you'd have like $800.00 right now which is not insignificant. So I say it's not too late to start. Audra Lowe: Okay. Maribel Aber: And if you're going to do holiday budget the first you want to do is put together what is it that you're going to buy. What are the points and what are the categories so that's gifts tips, don't forget about tips during the holidays especially you're in New York City or you're in a metropolitan area charity. Don't forget about that, gift wrapping paper postage. Audra Lowe: Some of the little things that out on that. Maribel Aber: It’s a lot of little things that had up and then you want to put dollar amounts to all those things once you have a dollar amounts the hard part comes what can eliminate. So do you want to go to electronic cards as opposed to doing others you know and sending traditional holiday card? Audra Lowe: and the bottom-line is you just have to know how much you think you might need. It's better to overestimate than to underestimate. Maribel Aber: Because the last thing you want to do is you don’t want to have -- you don’t want to pay for things you can't. Audra Lowe: Exactly now what about some specific ways to save during holidays because money. Simply just goes out the window. Maribel Aber: It does and we all know that we have to be saving every penny. We don’t want to be very savvy. And one of the things that people thinks about sale, sales don’t just think about sale. Think about the best possible price. So do your research online price comparison and even if you do purchase something keep that receipt and talked to the retailer to see. If they'll give you a credit if it goes on further sale and a lot of times it's 14 days you want to check that as well. Audra Lowe: Because sales adjustments will save you every single time. Maribel Aber: They will -- they will. Audra Lowe: What about the shipping cost if you buy things online a lot of people are doing that but you still have to pay shipping obviously. Maribel Aber: You do have to pay shipping but if you're buying more in bulk or if you’re buying ahead of time it might be actually cheaper. To go in and do the shipping and that you’re not paying for the gift wrapping and why not just getting sent right away. And then what people forget about and this is kind of big in the 80's was lay away. Audra Lowe: Yes. And it’s back. Maribel Aber: It's back and you know you put the deposit down and then you pay overtime and then you know you get the materials are you get the product afterwards. Audra Lowe: Okay and our last question come from a viewer who wrote in to look for some advice on what to put on the resume and cover letter here's a question. Do you suggest mentioning in a resume and or cover letter that the firm I worked for, for years is dissolving what you say to that. Maribel Aber: Well thank you so much for that question now when your preparing a resume or any kind of cover letter to the thing want to think about is this is what best highlights you, okay. And when you think about the cover letter in specific that's you know the lead into hopefully a future conversation to enter these two questions you know, why is this job a great job for me and how I can actually contribute to the company and when are the best assets? Why my passion about it? And the fact that your company's dissolving, is not exactly relatable specific asset that you want to talk about? Audra Lowe: So let that come up in the interview it self. Maribel Aber: Absolutely and same thing for the resume too. Audra Lowe: Okay, thank you so much Maribel good to have you back. And if you have questions for Maribel you can always email her at