How to Ride a Bike with Your Dog
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Learn how to use a dog bike leash to ride a bike with your dog safely.


Hi! my name is Scott with The Dog Outdoors. Today we are going to be taking a look at the Walkydog bike leash. Now the Walkydog is really the perfect device for people that just want to be able to safely take their dog on bike rides with them. Now because it actually attaches to your bike here under the seat, able to have both hands on the handle bars, and so you are able to maintain control. Now for people with very active dogs, this device is especially great because it allows you to get a lot of energy out of your dog in a minimal amount of time. Some of us, we are working long hours at work and you come home and the last thing you want to do is have to walk your dog for two hours and then the dog still has a lot of energy. With the Walkydog, you are able to come home, pick your dog up, go a couple of times around the block, get a ton of energy out of your dog. It's fun for the dog and yourself. Your dogs can be happy or healthier and less destructive. Walkydog leash comes with an adjustable jaw cleanup that will fit right under the seat of your bicycle here. It fits almost any model of bicycle and allows you to quickly connect and disconnect your Walkydog bike leash. Now inside the Walkydog leash itself is an internal shock absorbing system which -- if you have a very active dog just running a lot, it's going to give you a lot of shock absorption as he is running alongside. Okay, so let's take a look at the internal shock absorbing system really quick. To access it, you remove the cap and just go ahead and pull the chord out. What you will see is there is three different spring units here and you can choose either to use all three, two or just one of the springs. What it's going to do is this is going to showing on how many you use, it's going to determine how long the leash comes out of the top of the Walkydog bike leash. So if you have a shorter dog or if you want to have a little bit more line, and allow the dog to be a little further away from your bike, you might want to only use one of the springs. If you are like me, then you just want a lot of shock absorption. You want your dog right next to your bike, go ahead and use all three. One thing I offer to a lot of customers doing is actually getting two jaw clamps, you can get additional ones of these and having lifting your seat up a bit, having one coming out to the right, one coming out to the left. For those people who have two dogs, you can actually hook up two of the on either side, have one dog on your right, one on your left, really kind of a cool idea. Now the Walkydog is about a pound, but it's very, very durable. I like to attach mine to my dog Parker's harness. He is about a 75 pound Labrador, it's really up to you, it's a personal preference, if you like to attach it to the dog's harness or to the collar. I would suggest if you are going to have a dog that's very active, he is going to be pulling a lot, running, go ahead and attach it to the harness because it's going to prevent choking. If your dog is very mellow, he is going to stay right alongside, he is a very good walker in general, then attaching it to the collar is probably fine. It's just really a personal preference that I would suggest just trying it out. Try out both, see what works best for you. So that is just a quick overview of the Walkydog bike leash. In our next video, I will show you a little demonstration of how it works and we will hook up Parker and go for a little ride.