How to Reuse Thanksgiving Leftovers
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Learn how you can reuse your thanksgiving leftovers to create other dishes and avoid throwing good food away.


There's a couple great ideas that you can use Thanksgiving leftovers for. And you can take the whole carcass after you’ve picked it and clean as you like. Cover with water, some carrots, some onions, some celery, whatever you have in your refrigerator and bring it to a boil for about 2 hours. At that point you strain it. You can have spinach, rice, cooked it for another 30 minutes and you have a great turkey soup. Another idea for a cranberry sauce would be put it in a nice mixer, mix it with cream cheese and use it in the morning on bagels. You can take your cranberry sauce and you can put it in a sauté pan and melt it down and use it as a warm sauce over an ice cream. Another great idea is to take everything and makes a thanksgiving shepherd’s pie.mix everything together, put it in a Pyrex. You can cover the top with either leftover mashed potatoes or leftover stuffing, put it in the over for like 40 minutes until it's nice and crispy on top and you have a great thanksgiving shepherd’s pie. So by taking all these ingredients, you can make a few different items, put them in your refrigerator and eat for a week. Find more at