How to Repost A Craigslist Ad Before It Expires
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Reposting an existing Craigslist ad is pretty simple. Why would you do this? Rather than wait for it to expire, which is usually 30 days, you can repost your ad so that it shows up higher on the results. In some catagories and cities, over 100 ads are posted per day causing your ad to fall down into the abyss very quickly. However, you must delete your old ad or run the risk of overposting and having your account banned for life.


Okay, in this video, I am going to show you how to repost an existing ad on Craigslist. First, go to over on the left here, it will say, My Account; click on that. Enter your account information and login. Okay, you have your ads. Go and click on the ad you want to renew and if you’re on the Mac, I want you to hold down the Apple key which is the key next to the space bar. Click, now it will open up a separate tab. And so click on that tab and again, I want you to hold the Apple key down while you click on Edit this post here. So that open up a third tabs. This will allow me to go back and forth while I copy and paste. The reason why is because you got to want to delete the original ads so you’re not accused of spamming because what we are doing here—the reason why we’re reposting early is so your ad shows up higher on the Craigslist results, rather than waiting for the 30 days or less in some cases for your ad to expire and then clicking on the repost button. We don’t want to do that because a lot of times, your ad will be so far down; nobody is going to see it anyway, all right. So under manage your posting, here is the ad. Okay, I am going to hold the Apply key down again. That is the key to the left of the space bar while I click on the category because here it is right here. This is the category I have it posted in. It’s the category I am going to repost it in. So here we need to have it to make sure it’s in the right place. And in the far right it says post. I want to post an ad and it’s going to ask me to select the category. And then in this case, the counting as well, so I am clicking on the counting, I want it in. And I am going to click on the tab up here again, go back to the original ad. I am going to highlight this, copy it. I am going to paste it in the title. I am going to do the same thing for the location; copy, paste and the description; copy and paste, okay. Then I am going to click Continue. And—well, there should be no reason I need to edit it because I only did was simply copy and paste the old ad. Unless, there are some changes I wanted to but that was the case and now we go back and edit any changes I want as far as descriptions or keywords. So I am going to click Continue and then you have to fill out this capture code okay. And sometimes, it doesn’t seem to—so they’re really hard to read or it doesn’t think you typed in what you thought it types. So anyway, we’ll see if that works. And it worked. And so—we’re not done yet. We want to go back to your old ad and delete it so you’re not accused of over posting. Okay, get accused of over posting and you will get your account tried and possibly permanently banned for life. So let me just reload this page up here and here we can see the baby blue, it’s been removed by me which is the color code. Thank you to what happened to your ads. And now the same ad was now active in green. And that is how you repost an ad on Craigslist. One final note is you do not want to do this too frequently. As in you don’t want to do this like within a few days of posting the old ad. Give it a little time. Otherwise, Craigslist will spot it right away as being a duplicate ad. Give it at least a week before you repost. In my other video, I will show you how to do this with your Backpage account.