How to Remove the Battery and Hard Drive in 17" Macbook Pro
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A guide on removing the battery, optical drive, and hard drive in a 17 inch Macbook Pro Unibody model.


Male Speaker: Hard drive removal. To begin, get your Philip head screw driver. And remove the two Philips head screws from the lock bar. Once that is complete, now remove the lock bar from the hard drive, lift the hard drive up and disconnect the hard drive cable. Battery removal. To begin, get your Tri-Wing screwdriver and remove the three Tri-Wing screws from the battery. You will also have to remove the do not remove batteries sticker from the battery. This will avoid your warranty and will also leave a piece of residue on your battery. Once the screw is removed, now gently grab the tab on the battery cable and disconnect from the logic board. Then pull the battery up and out to remove. Superdrive removal. To begin, grab your Philips head screw driver and remove the five Philips head screws from the Superdrive bay. There is also a cable attached to the logic board. To disconnect this cable, simply lift up the on the cable. Now disconnect the outside an airport cable from the logic board and set this cable aside. When the last screw is removed, simply lift the Superdrive up and out to remove.