How to Remove a Whirlpool Tub
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John DeSilvia shares practical advice on removing a whirlpool tub.


Male: It is another DIY Network, 10 Grand in your Hand quick tip. John DaSilvia: I’m John DaSilvia and if you have a big old soaking tub in your bathroom, don’t hire the pros to get rid of it, do it yourself. The first step is turn off the water to your tub. Next, remove any tile around the tab deck. A hammer drill makes the job a lot easier and generates less mess to the sledge hammer. You can buy one of these for about 200 bucks. Using utility knife to release the silicon that’s holding the tub in place. Finally, get a couple of strong and I mean really strong friends to help to carry the tub out to your container. This is a cultured marble tub and it weighs more than 200 pounds. By doing this project yourself, you’ll keep the cash in your hands and not in your contractor’s pocket. Male: For all things, home improvement, go to, 24/7