How to Relive a Happy Childhood
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Life coach Bob Wright explains that it is never too late to experience a happy childhood - especially with your own kids!


How to Relive a Happy Childhood Female: Do you any regrets about your childhood? Do you have children of your own now? Coach Bob Wright explains it is never too late to have a happy childhood when you can see the world’s through your children’s eyes. Bob Wright: One of the most important things we do in working with fathers is help them learn to have a happy childhood with their children. Peoplejam Experts Bob Hobbs Life Coach & Corporate Consultant Bob Wright: Fathers often times think is there a job to protect the family, it is their job to bring in money, it is their a job to teach their kids? And dads do not know how to relate the kids very well and tell they can teach them how at least tie their shoes and teach them how to do things. What father’s risk is what the children have to teach them? Often times we do not even let the fathers go beyond the door way when their children come to greet them. They would have been put the briefcase down sitting on the floor, I do not care if we got to go to bathroom and you are dying. You sit down and you play with your child. You let your child welcome you home and show you how to enjoy your house. It is amazing how different a house looks from the floor versus you usually see it standing up. Then early is never too late to have a happy childhood. And too often parents spend their time parenting trying to help their child to have a happy childhood rather than realizing that you can have a happy childhood played along with your child. Your child is teaching you how to be in the moment. Your child is teaching you how to play when your child is hurt and crying. If you can recognize that inside you are hurt and crying too, your child can also teach you how to comfort yourself, can lead you how to get back up and get going and take the world on again. Once you learn to enjoy your child and see the world for your child’s eyes, as your child grows up you get to see things you never dreamed that you could see. You get experience joys, pains, satisfaction and fulfillment that you never have. Female: Are there things from childhood you wished you could change or do it over? Blog about it, right here on peoplejam.