How to Rehab Homes in Minimum Time for Maximum Profit - Part 3
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Learn how to Rehab Homes in Minimum Time for Maximum Profit. Long-time rehabber Scott Britton reveals some of his special methods he uses to find, buy, rehab and sell houses, but not necessarily in that order!


Scott Britton: Well A.D in wanted them how sick people will make with probably a lot of interest to your viewers and them money is. I feel to taken the four major expenses in the rehab project. Everybody knows you have accusation cause so that’s one of the expenses. What you’re going to pay for the proper like the house I mention in Jack’s and I paid 50,000 for it. Then you have your repaired house which overtime you can get better it estimate and you can you know you can do better of that. And those—and those lots of times that’s all people focus on is what they’re pay for it in repairs but the two other expenses that your holding costs. What’s going to costs to you during your—time from when you buy it to when you sell it. And that what includes stuff like property taxes, insurance and having a loan maintained you know that’s just the stuffs that are going this going to run over a course of time. So that’s the expense you will have to taken the consideration. And then going out the other in on your sale side, you have sell expenses and this can be commission’s real estate commission if you choose to list it with the realtor at some point in time if you have a good relationship with the realtor that’s what they do. That’s what they’re trying to do so real estate. So, if you want to leverage the real estate community which I think more people are to take advantage of, they have been how to work with buyers getting qualifies which that’s your short coming is that listed with the good realtor. Find the good one and listed whether let them do that the heavy lifting. A.D. Kessler: Sure. Scott Britton: And you go on to find your next property, well they’re selling you’re the one you have on the market.