How to Rehab Homes in Minimum Time for Maximum Profit - Part 1
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The first part of this interview explains about renovating homes in a minimum time for maximum profit. Long-time rehabber Scott Britton reveals some of his special methods he uses to find, buy, rehab and sell houses, but not necessarily in that order!


Scott Britton: Step one is fine in the property. Male: How do you go about them? Scott Britton: Well, that’s one of the different ways. And I am going to probably cut short on this so we can get in to some of the other things that I are more important of the rehab process. So, otherwise will be talking about prospect and probably forever because it’s a great topic but you have to have prospect in the systems. Probably the E’s is your prospect in system is getting your car and drives the neighborhood. I’m the neighborhood that you like and drive it and look for properties that need to repair. There is no sense to trying to buy house that are already fix up if you’re going to try to rehab it so you’re looking or I call it cruising for the dog. And it’s been around forever and ever, a lot of people don’t do it but it lives and get up and go to do it. But if you’re actually getting your car and burn a tank with gas, drive your town and your city and find those neighborhoods that you want to invest in. And just ride up and down the street and pay attention to each house on the street. Called roofs, going up yards, shingles, shelter is falling off it has in this repair that’s what you look for. Male: Great. Scott Britton: So, that’s how you find your rehab houses. If nothing, else burn a tank of gas, which it used to be $20.00 and now its $40.00. Male: Yeah! Female: Yes. Scott Britton: The price you find in the house is gone up because of gas. Male: Still a reason for investment, define what you need? Scott Britton: Sure, and of the things I do A.D that once I find that house and I put it under contract is after a sign in the yard that says, this house is purchase by Scott Britton. I buy houses in my phone number and hopefully from Matt Dave forward I am marketing. Male: Sure. Scott Britton: For my next property.