How to Rehab Homes in Minimum Time for Maximum Profit Clip 2
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In the second part of this interview, learn how to Rehab Homes in Minimum Time for Maximum Profit. Long-time rehabber Scott Britton reveals some of his special methods he uses to find, buy, rehab and sell houses.


Scott Britton: So, I start marketing the property from the day I put in there contract. And then the first thing I am going to do when once we close and I go and start working on the property is want to work from the curve in. it doesn’t matter what the inside of the house looks like if nobody wants to come look at the inside. Male: So, you enhance the curve of this? Scott Britton: So, I wanted to look good, I want if somebody is driven that neighborhood and looking for a house. I want them to stop at my house and come in and look at the inside. Now, obviously that means from the curve to firm of a house we spend a lot time on initially but that’s of our—and not only on the repair but our part of our marketing. So, if it needs a new fern on the house will do that for its new windows, if it needs a painted landscaping— Female: They’re not leaving there obviously? Scott Britton: No, that’s a vacant house. Female: This is a vacant house. Scott Britton: All you could do this on your residents, you could live there. As long as you have part of the house habitable to do that so you could do it what the house that you’re leaving in it actually. But the whole ideas are trying to compress those time frames so the first thing I want to do is start getting a buyer interested in my house.