How to Reduce the Risk of Cot Death
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Although nobody knows the exact cause of cot death, experts agree there are some things parents can do to reduce the risks. Ann Deri-Bown of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths has some good advice for worried parents.


Ann Deri-Bowen: The cots in a brilliant position I mean because it’s away from the radiator direct heat and light from the windows for direct sun light and drops, I feel you can give them some really pretty clothes wonderful presents but we don’t recommend using them with babies under one year. So if you have them when the baby’s born then you know that great to drape on the cot during the day or whenever the babies not here, but otherwise lets put them you know by the way and bring the mat when the babies are a year-old. Baby’s mother: Okay. Ann Deri-Bowen: So we don’t use recommend using clothes or pillows for babies under 1-year-old, so what we are going to do is best way for baby to sleep is to sleep with the feet at the bottom of the cot and on her back and then more make the bed up from the bottom of the cot. Baby’s mother: Okay Ann Deri-Bowen: So if you want to push it on her back, set and the feet so the foot of the cot and not the safe as for babies to sleep and then we are going to make the bed up from the sheets its Properly tucked in and the blankets and we have bring them back up that’s right up to underneath their arms and firmly stuff in them when she stops riddling and she’ll actually move away up the cot and not lying under the bed, this will happen and the babies are going to be very hot. This means that she can look after her own temperature and move away if she gets too hot. It’s very important to feel the baby for warmth, the head and hands are very good to areas that the heat come from the baby, so if baby gets too warm the heat will come from the head, so hot needs to come off. We also recommend that parents don’t smoke around the baby, when the mom becomes pregnant its really good effecting stop and cut down as much as possible of smoking. And fathers too because the other people smoking around don’t help the baby at all.