How to Reduce the Heel - Cruising Tips from Capt. Jack
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Captain Jack Klang has a way of showing how things work so anyone can understand. This is a must for those who want to learn sailing basics or brush up. From CRUISING TIPS WITH CAPTN JACK. Download all 30 of Capt. Jack's Tips for just $9.99 (Windows Media & QuickTime) at


Male Speaker: Gather around boys and girls, it's time to learn something new and improve your skills. It's Cruising Tips with Captain Jack. Captain Jack: We are not coming about but I will alert the crew that we are going to make a move to port and we will heel little more because we will be sailing on a reach, and here is our turn. And now I will re-trim the sails and we will take up speed and we are now heeling. And heeling is one of the concerns that a lot of newer sailors are bothered by and there are three easy ways to reduce the heel and I will show you those. The first one is simply to steer the boat closer to the wind and as I do that, now we are actually spilling wind off the sails and it is more upright. All right, we are going to put down 1.33 and I can spill more wind. The second way is to ease the sail and let more wind blow off the sail and the third way is to reef the sails. All three of them are the same in many respects because they actually present less area for the wind on the sail either by aiming toward the wind, letting the sail go out, so wind is spilling over or putting a smaller sail up or reducing sail by reefing.