How to Recycle and make the Most of Old Toys
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The Go-To Mom gives helpful advice on how to recycle and make the most of old toys.


Toy rotation. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: You are probably tossing out toys because the clutter is so mind boggling. If you have packed rack, you are storing all the outgrown toys in every crevice of your closet or attic. Because children play with toys differently during stages of development, don't be so quick to toss out the toys that they have lost interest in. At 2 year old may play with the barn doors and stop the horse around. However, when your child turns 4, that same barn will be played with differently. At 4, dramatic plays are in full effect. They will now have the farmer talk and brainstorm ideas on how to get the horse to pull the hay. To get the most out of your child's toys, store their favorites away or put them on a rotation schedule. So that when you bring them out again, it sparks new interest. Try storing toys away for 3-5 months at a time. You will be pleasantly surprised at your child's response to their old toy.