How to Recover Hard Drive Data
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Click Links Tab for access to USB adapter. - This short video shows how the Vantec USB hard drive adapter will allow you to easily connect and access data from almost any workstation hard drive. Useful for laptop data recovery or normal PC hard drive data recovery.


PC Roger: Hi, this is PC Roger, here to show you how you can use this handy little adaptor from Vantec to copy the data from almost any workstation hard drives, serial ATA or IDE 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch, removable 2.5-inch older style hard drive, any serial ATA drive will not work for SCSI though, but here is the box. You can see, it comes with everything that's needed. No drivers are required, ones made with Windows 98 or something. You have the drive adaptor, which has the smaller IDE connector for an older style laptop hard drive 2.5 inch, the larger style IDE and here is the serial ATA port activity light, even if you had no 5.25 inch drive I guess. But here is kind of an antique IDE drive, we'll see this data when you access, can't hook it up to your new PC, because it's got Serial ATA ports only maybe or something or just don't want to install it. I simply plug it in here and so I already got the notion of an ASUS key properly. Then with this power adaptor, hopefully you can see all this in the video, it got an on-off switch here, so you can leave it off until you are ready, and it's got the old style power plug that you can plug in. You can power up the drive. Then you take the USB end of the adaptor; simply plug it into your workstation or in another laptop. This is a nice Dell Precision T3400 workstation, and then you can access your data. You can see here I've got a newer laptop hard drive that is serial ATA. On the back of that here, we just plug in the short little cable. You can get a longer cable if you wanted to but all of these things are included, and just plug it into the adaptor here. Then the power adaptor to go from the old style to the serial ATA, you just snap that on, plug it in. Again, put the USB connector into the laptop or workstation. After you've got everything all settled down here, put the power switch on and this drive will show up in Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 and it will show up as another drive. Now, if it does not show up as another drive of the letter, I do have another video on how to conquer that simple problem. But once you have a drive letter there in Windows Explorer, you can copy off any data that you need off the drive. You could even put data onto the drive if you needed to for some reason. For a simple very easy to do, this is a real nice little adaptor of Vantec. It's just one of the companies that make something like this, very reasonably priced. Just go to my website. The link is there on the screen or next to it and you will see where you can buy an adaptor like this and get some other helpful videos and information to handle your data backup, restore and another PC needs. That's it for this video, thanks for watching.