How to Reclaim Your Mommy Confidence
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Learn how to reclaim balance motivation and your inner diva. The Go To Mom, Kimberley Clayton Blaine shares her story about what it takes to be a happy mommy.


Kimberly Clayton Blaine: Moms need to find that place, that spaces where they can honesty say I am so happy with my decisions today, I'm happy with being a mom going to work or staying home and I'm also happy that I ask for time for myself that I leave the house I do mommy cherishing activities. I take care of myself, I have fun with my girlfriends, I go to the bookstore and read. It is crucial that mommies take time for mommy cherishing activities. Female: I think I want to say I don’t want to feel guilty that I love my career. I like working and I'm a much better mom for having gone to work everyday and I want my daughter to see that mommy is a strong woman and didn’t give up her career because you know, obviously I work because it’s nice to have the financial contribution to the family but I work because I love my business. Kimberly Clayton Blaine: When I'm candid and open with my struggles as a mom that I have more friends, I have more people supporting and I think that’s so important. I need support as mommy. Being a mommy is hard and for me being a type A mommy is even harder because I try and juggle so many things. But in my heart of hearts I know that slowing down and taking a deep breath and meditating really helps me and encourage other mommies to find helps them. What brings some vitality, what brings them that old energy and spirit that they have before they have kids. Female: I think I'm frustrated that I had so much time on my hands before and I didn’t know what a luxury. You know being able to just lowly gag a few hours away designing and pedaling around I'm very efficient with my time now. Kimberly Clayton Blaine: As much as we love our kids and our husband we’re also driven crazy by them as well, you know. Female: Even just going to get my nails done, if I go get you know, a polish change I feel like I'm really got such a luxury afternoon for me to an hour or two. And then of course every standard mom I got to go Target to buy diapers that’s my get away.