How to Read the Information in Windows Task Manager
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to read the information in Windows task manager.


Welcome to PC Wiz Kid’s Tech Talk, today I want to trivia quickly the windows task manager dealing to performance. Okay, so we want to close up on how to utilize your memory property in PC and that’s with the windows task manager. So press Control, ALT, Delete and then click on the task manager button and click on the performance tab okay. When we looking at the performance today, under that you can see the CPU usage, I’ve got dual core so I’ve got two boxes one for each CPU that’s the history you have one CPU and obviously it have one big box there. And if we click on CPU history and then select which one you have right. The other thing that I wanted to point out is the page file usage. Okay, so if obviously if your page file here is in the red then you need to increase your page files or adds more physical RAM. Okay, so I need to up and buy more RAM and install it not to make your PC. Okay so that’s with the could tell, now ignore the totals here for the handles threats and processes okay. The most important thing here that you want to look at is how much physical memory you’ve got and how much is being use by the machine. Okay so a lot of people asking how much RAM do I have? Well, physical memory is your RAM and it’s showing you here in Kilobytes not in Megabytes. But I’ve got two gig alright that’s with that total means two gig and I’ve got about one gig left alright. Then 100,000 here, that’s almost one gig left and the total commit charge that’s very important and I want to talk about that, that’s total amount of physical memory and virtual memory in used by the machine okay. So, I’ve got roughly about one gig in a bit being used up by the machine. Now, let’s talk a little bit about this commit charge okay, it’s important. If the total commit charge exceeds the total physical memory then you probably need more RAM okay. Because a commit charge is regularly higher than the physical memory and that you will always have to use the page file which is okay but it could be slower if you have a slow PC it depends on how fast your hard drive and your CPU is in so forth right. So, you might have to buy more RAM. Now, if the pick commit charge is frequently at or near the limit commit charge then you need to increase your memory. Okay so just attention to I said, a pause to all these stuffs on the side here so you read it again but what I’m trying to say here is that look at the limits. Look and see that things are not above what is being installed on the machine right. What you have allocated in the machine because if you are in the red all the time then obviously you need to increase your RAM right. And this is what the task manager about; it tells you this information okay. Okay so use the task manager to advantage, take a look, come in here frequently and see how your PC is using your memory okay. Enjoy and thank you for watching.