How to put the "final touches" on potty training.
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Just because you've put away the diapers, doesn't mean that your child is potty trained. The "final touches" of potty training, learning to wipe and re-clothe, can actually take more than one sitting. Brought to you by Kaboom! Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: You know daddy Clyde, potty training is a deceptively multi-stage process. Daddy Clyde: Yeah it’s true, a lot of first time dads think that once they put the diapers away, it’s time to celebrate, pop those champagne corks. Daddy Brad: Yeah but not so fast because a kid is not completely potty trained until they can go into the bathroom fully clothed and then com out of the bathroom fully clothed. Daddy Clyde: Well that’s a high standard for potty training. Now it is exciting when they learn to put the peepee in the potty but really you’re not done until you put the final touches on your toilet training, wiping and washing. Daddy Brad: We cannot do a whole segment on this? Daddy Clyde: Wiping and washing. Final touches, you get it? I mean it’s an issue, it’s an issue. Daddy Brad: Oh that rhymes with tissues. Final touches. Daddy Clyde: This week’s episode is brought to you by Kaboom scrub free, this is a refillable self-contained, self-operating toilet cleaning solution, Kaboom scrub free. [Music Playing] Daddy Clyde: Now it’s a problem find day when you no longer have to take care of anybody else’s butt, but it might take you a little bit longer to get there than you might suspect. Depending on the age that you start potty training, you might have three to six months of mop-up duty. If you know what I mean, hearing the dreaded daddy, I’m done. Now there’s a waste that kind of hurry this process a long when the best things you can do is when the kids start to use the potty, just talk him through exactly what you’re doing, that helps him get more familiar with the process, so if there was a kid here, I would say something like okay bud, just going to get about four sheets of the paper here, I’m going to make a nice little flower out of it and now I’m going to wipe your bottom, just that simple, talk him thorough it, they’ll get used to the process and before you know it, they’re doing it on their own. Daddy Brad: When it comes time for a kid to take over full time management of his own butt, some families go with the special wipes, like these. Now the upside is, they’re moist so they help the kid do a better job and they also have really cool characters on them so the kid is excited about using them. Downside, ultimately you’re going to have to transition to the old dry toilet paper. Oh yeah, and these are also a kazillion times more expensive than TP. Daddy Clyde: Now some kids may be a little bit resistant to becoming fully potty independent because let’s face it, up until now, going to the bathroom has been sort of a social activity, it’s a nice one on one, quality time, no chit chat, that sort of thing. Now to remedy this, you might want to introduce your kid to one of dad’s finer things in life. That’s right, build a little low book shelf, introduce them to Sports Illustrated, for kids or Mag Geo here. maybe even go down to go would be humanically appropriate. You know as long as we’re here in the bathroom in dad labs, we’re always talking about the fifty-fifty marriage, about sharing completely with our partner all the domestic responsibilities that come with a family, now I’ve got a suggestion for you, tell your partner that you’re ready to take over one of the least appealing of all the bathroom duties, you’re going to scrub the toilet from now on. What you got to do is get this Kaboom scrub free, install this unit and that’s it, all you’ve got to do is flush, you get all the points and no scrubbing. Kaboom. Daddy Brad: Early on in the process, kids aren’t always accurate so, that makes hand washing critical. Modeling works here, wash your hands with your kid. Experts say that you should sing the ABC song twice all the way through to insure proper scrubbing and you can also use cool products like squid soap, in order to get kids interested in washing their hands. Bottom line? Wash your hands, it’s non-negotiable. Daddy Clyde: So daddy Brad I know you’re right in the middle of this yourself, we are the biggest challenges in the wiping and washing phases of toilet training. Daddy Brad: Without a doubt,