How to Prune Needleleaf Evergreen Trees in Summer
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Dave gets expert advice about pruning needleleaf evergreen trees from Henry Patt.


[Music Playing] David: Welcome to growingwisdom and we are here with Henry Patt today, we are talking about pruning and kind of the middle of the summer, July and the July-August. Tell me about how we want to be pruning our evergreens, these things like use and maybe boxwoods and you have got a Crippsii. How do we do this? Henry: Basically you want to prune the new growth, you do not want to prune too much of the older wood, you gently take a half or 2/3 of the growth off and by doing that you are going to throw your plant in more. It is going to make for a nice pushy plant. Plus you are going to cut down on it becoming too large for the area over the years. You want to have it so that sunlight gets set all of the fully edge. If I never prune this, this foliage on the top will eventually be over chattering the bottom growth over a period of now eight to ten years. You could start losing some of your bottom branches so basically you want to have a tape of growing up. David: What if I do not want to get any bigger, can I prune all of these years grow? Henry: The best thing to do if you are going to do that is do it early in the season, that where you are taking of to a three inches. David: When you say early, give me a month. Henry: I would say the end of June into the beginning of July, what can I do in the end of July through the rest of the year? David: Instead of taking off the two to three inches, you will end up taking off probably three quarters of your new growth. I would go down to an area there is a lot of branching like in here and I would just cut it off right there and as you notice here, you do not hardly see it because of the other branches around that. The food that would be going into this, now is going into what you have left so your branching that you have not cut are going to take more food in. David: Great. Henry: So basically, pruning is moving forward from one area to another area that rate. David: Alright, so today we have talked about how to prune evergreens and we are talking specifically about the needled evergreen. Remember, if you want to prune off all the growth, you have got to do that just as the new growth coming out so that would be later in May until mid June. This time of the year, when we talked July, August, and September heading into the fall, you do not want to prune too much but just prune enough to keep shape and always remember, let the lower part of your evergreen be expose to sun. Do not let the top cover the lower part that is not good; come back every week for all of our tips here at [Music Playing]