How to Provide your Kid Balanced School Lunch
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Help keep your child's mind sharp and ready to learn by providing a balanced lunch at school.


Help keep your child’s mind sharp and ready to learn by providing a balance launch of school. Researchers shown that the child school performance is link to his or her diet, that’s why nutrition expert recommend children in the healthful combination of dairy, fruit, vegetable, whole grains and lean proteins. You can choose from a variety of kid friendly portable items to send with y our child. String cheese, low fat pudding, grapes, dried fruits, baby carrots, dry cereals, nuts and seeds are a few nutritious options. One way to encourage healthy eating is to get your child involve, children maybe more like to eat lunch when they get to help plan the menu. Brainstorms want the ideas together or allow your child to help preparing lunch. You could try topping a whole grain English muffin with pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese or pack a cold cup rolled up on a colored flower tortilla with lean turkey and low fat cheese. Add variety to sandwiches by experimenting with different breads, use cookie cutters to create interesting shapes or trade low fat milk, low fat cheese and fresh fruits on a stick and serve the make Kababs. Your kids will have a bless picking of the pieces and eating them one at the time. Remember the often your child sees new foods the more opportunity here she has to try them. If your children eat at school, review the lunch menu together and teach them to pick a healthier option that includes talking with them about what to choose salad bars and inventing machine. Keep in mind one of the most effective ways you can teach your child to eat healthier is to set a good example. By eating while in front of your child you have lay the foundation for a lifetime of nutrition and health. You can find more health and wellness tips on ICYou.