How to Provide Healthy Meals if You Work Outside the Home
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Learn how to provide healthy meals if you work outside the home in this Parenting advice video series.


Dr. Diana Zuckerman: I am Dr. Diana Zuckerman. I am President of the National Research Center for Women and Families. And now we are going to talk about how to make healthy meals for your family. Host: How can parents provide healthy meals if both have jobs outside the home? Dr. Diana Zuckerman: Providing health meals is very, very difficult. And it is -- especially breakfast, I think it's the hardest meal of the day. Although parents can be very tired when they come home and dinner is tough too. So it really -- part of it has to do with planning ahead and also figuring out what is a healthy meal. And I have to say that the more you look at the packages of the foods that you are preparing, the more you will be surprised that food that you thought was very healthy, maybe isn't very healthy and food that you thought was pure junk food might actually be healthier than you think.