How to Protect Floors
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John DeSilvia shares practical advice on protecting floors.


How to Protect Floors I’m John Desilvia with some money saving tips on how to demo a room without damaging your floors. By spending a few box, you can avoid some expensive mistakes. On carpeting, I always use plastic like this that runs about 12 box of roll. What’s neat, it’s self adhesive and usually stays sticky for a month. It’s even more important to protect beautiful hardwood floors that can easily scratch. Start by taping down Rosin paper. Next, bring in Masonite board you can get at any home improvement store. They cost about six to seven box a sheet. The good news is you could reuse them on other demolition projects, anywhere in your house. By doing this project yourself, you’ll keep the cash in your hands and adding a contract to this pocket. For all things home improvement, go to DIY 24/7.