How to Prevent Head Lice
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Risa Brash is here with some helpful tips on how to prevent and get rid of lice this school year.


Audra: Our next guest, she makes a not so happy subject, a little more light hearted. You know parents dread that moment when you get that note from the school nurse says that there’s a lice outbreak at school. What do you do? A lot of parents tend to panic but you don’t have to, that’s because the lice lady Risa Barash is here. She’s got helpful tips on how to prevent and actually get rid of lice. The school year, this is the time of the year right Risa? Risa: Yes! It certainly is. Audra: Good to have you here. Risa: Nice to be here, thank you! Audra: And like I said you make this more of the light hearted subject because it’s really tough for a lot of parents to deal with this right? Risa: It is, it is. The parents panic, they really do. So we try to explain to them that this doesn’t really, lice don’t do any health, have any health issues. Audra: Right! Risa: It’s more of the new sense. Audra: And 12 million people were hit with this every single year? Risa: Yes! The American academy of pediatrics says between 8 and 12 million cases per year. Audra: And how is it mostly spread, because you’re always hearing about the comb or you know the kids using combs, is that really the main ways? Risa: Absolutely! Head to head contact is definitely the most prevalent way that had lice spread, but there are some things that you can do to help prevent it. Audra: Ok! Risa: For instance, don’t share helmets, when you have a little one who’s playing sports. We definitely recommend getting their own helmet. Audra: How long can lice live off of the head? Risa: An entire day, sometimes up to 2. Audra: Really? Risa: Yes! Audra: They’re hanging out? Risa: They’re hanging out. Yes! They do need the head to live on but a day or two without food and their ok. Audra: Wow! Risa: So you don’t want to share hats, you don’t want to share any hair ties, any berets, iPods, the little ear buds they can sort of hang out back here and crawl from you know one child to the next, because behind the ears are the hot spots. Audra: Can you see them with the naked eye, is it easy to see? Risa: There’s this, a nit is a size of like a pencil point. So it’s really-really tiny. That’s why parents don’t really find out that the child has it until it’s a little too late. Audra: You got a pillow here, is this don’t share pillows that’s the main thing right? Risa: Yes exactly! Don’t share pillows. A lot of those princess parties, the tiaras and the costumes. Children taking them on and off all day, the lice can stay on the costume, on the tiara or on the pillow. Audra: And we’re going to talk about the sleepovers now, because there a big hazard when kids sleep over they don’t think about this right? Risa: They don’t think about it and they are playing dress up. They’re having pillow fights. You know they’re jumping one sleeping bag to the next. It’s a big problem so we definitely recommend doing weekly head checks. It’s really the best thing you can do. Audra: And one of the things that you can do when you do find out that your kid has a lice infestation is to deal with it naturally. Risa: Absolutely! First thing we tell the parents is to play their self a glass of wine. Audra: Right! Relax. Risa: Take a deep breath, have some wine and find a natural treatment. There’s a lot of things mixed out there, such as the olive oil and even Cetaphil and mayonnaise. Audra: Wow! Risa: And what that will do is it will smother a live bug but it won’t get of rid the nit. So you want to find a product such as the fairytale lice goodbye which is the enzymatic formula. It dissolves the glue, the little nits which are the eggs and the live bugs. Stick to the hair shaft with so it comes right out. Audra: So you’re using this, I guess it was an old remedy it just? Risa: It is and it won’t get of rid of the eggs, it will get rid of the lice. It will smother a live bug eventually but a nit can take you know a few days to hatch. Audra: Right! Risa: So it’s not the best method. Audra: Very, very interesting. Risa good to have you here. Risa: Thanks, Its great to be here. Audra: Thank you! Calmed a lot of parents down, if you guys want to get more lice prevention tips and to purchase the products you can go to and then click on the link.