How to Prepare Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids
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Learn how to prepare summer snacks for kids to keep them energetic and healthy.


How to Prepare Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids Fine Living Essentials Summer Snacks for kids FLN Kids in the summertime they are running around. They need a lot of energy. They eat a lot of small meals everyday and it’s really great to have wholesome snacks on hand. Dips, --s and breadsticks anything that kids can carry around with them. Granola, trail mix one way to get kids to eat fruits in the summer time is to take cored sliced apples and spread them with peanut butter and sprinkle raisins on them. It’s really fun in fact these kids can do that themselves. You almost insure the fact that they’re going to eat it if they’ve made it. As an alternative to peanut butter you can also try hazel nut butters and almond butter. I also like a lot of the new soy ice creams their delicious. They have got the goodness of soy with dried fruit and soy nuts and all kinds of interesting toppings that are really nutritious. These are just some ideas for healthy snacks for your kids find out what they like and you can really work with it, it’s easy when you know how. Find more at