How to Prepare for Halloween Allergy Risks
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Kids love Halloween. But for children with severe food allergies, the season can be an emotionally troubling time as these children are faced with the temptation of delicious treats they can’t eat and parties they can’t fully enjoy. This is also a frightening and anxious time for many parents who fear that their child might feel alienated or sneak a forbidden candy while at school or trick-or-treating. If your child has a food allergy, then the ...


Speaker: Halloween is one of the most highly anticipated times of the year for our kids. They love going out with all the fun that you are trick or treating. But for kids with allergies danger lurk in those Halloween treats that they are picking up. For many kids common allergens are peanuts, nuts or even milk and they are found in some of the most popular Halloween candies. And also because the cadies come in small snack sizes they don’t have room to put nutritional labels or list all the ingredients so kids can unintentionally eat a piece of candy that they think it does not for example contain peanuts and get it put some at risk. So in order to keep the kids safe and to get them out first make sure that you talk to your health care provider to figure out whether or not you or your child should have access to or carry epinephrine like this EpiPen auto injector so that you have help right there as the kids are out trigger treating if a severe allergic reaction does get triggered. Next tell kids what is safety whether it’s liquorish for fruit roll ups or animal crackers so that they can be on look out while they are out in about of things that they can eat along the way. For some parents we did a survey at Mom Central found often parent with kids with allergies are incredibly anxious about keeping their kids save during this time of year and nearly half of them are really debating whether it is under kids trick-or-treating at all and in that case think about having a costume party at your own house, you can have kids in, you can decorate pumpkins, you can decorate cookies, you can do a vampire painting on their faces, but that way you know that the food that you are serving is safe. And for more information about allergies and also making that kids stay safe, I encourage those parents with kids with allergies to come visit and also to make sure that your kids know that there are ways that they can participate and have a great Halloween season.