How to Prepare Coupons Before Shopping
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It's no joke. Using coupons when you shop can save you big money. If you'd like to regularly take over 50% off your weekly grocery bill, watch this video to learn how to organize your coupon stash to get the most savings.


How to Prepare Coupons Before Shopping Christie Hardcastle: ON behalf of I’m Christie Hardcastle a shopping specialist with big fat piggy bank. So in this clip I going to show you how to organize your coupons before you go shopping. You do not want to wait until you’re at the grocery store to figure out what you’re going ot purchase and what coupon do you have. You really want to do this all at home before you leave so here’s one easy way to do it first of all start off with a list so lets say you have looked through your grocery store, drug store circular. You know what it is you want purchase you don’t have to make it as complicated as this I tend to use an excel spreadsheet but you can do anything you would like so here’s a list of exactly what it is I’m going to purchase. I also have what the item cost. The number of coupons I’m going to use. The value of my coupons and my final cost so for example this purchase would have originally been $50 and 53 cents but with all the coupons that I’m going to use its going to end up being $21 and 74 cents so I’m gong to cut this fill by more than half and these are all really things that I need. So one of the things that you want to do is first of all set aside any store coupons that you might be using for example a lot of stores will offer $5 off 50 or they might offer this is a fabulous coupon $5 off 30. So in order to take advantage of these your really want to strategize use your list and make sure that your hitting whether it’s the $30 or the $50 mark. In other words, if you’re going to spend $100 on groceries why use just $105 off. You’re organize you’ll be able to use too because you’ll make sure you would have just hit the $50 mark. So organize your store coupons figure out what coupons you have to go with it that are manufacture coupons. You’re also going to leave your calculator you want to make sure that you are not making any mistakes let’s say you got to the register and all of a sudden your purchase was only 49 999. You’r not going to be excused/ that $5, $3 off coupon that you might have to make off that $50 price purchase in the example that I gave so you really want to make sure you bring your calculator with you to the store just in case you need to change something. Let’s say there are adamant items you need to recalculate make sure you have that calculator with you then I like to pout all the coupons that I’m taking for a particular shop and a binder such as this one and I like to have one binder per store. So for example this is my grocery store binder. I selected the color green because the grocery store that I shopped whether I was going to do this shop their logo is green easy for me to remember that this binder goes with that grocery store. So here I can keep all the different coupons that they have store coupons that are just for that store. I canal so keep any manufacture coupons that I’m going to use for this particular purchase. Its easy, its light weight and I can even stick it in my purse I’m bringing it with me to the sewer. On behalf of this is Christie Hardcastle thank you for watching.