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Summer days are great for getting outside and enjoying your favourite activities but it can be easy to overdo it. Take care of yourself and prepare for activities to avoid injuries, pain, and inflammation. how to avoid sport injuries


Sherry: There is nothing better than getting some exercise on a warm summer day. But whatever your passion, it can be easy to do too much of a good thing. Sometimes leading to injuries, pain, and inflammation. Kevin Honsberger is a leading Canadian physiotherapist with his special interest in sports injuries. He says the key to staying healthy and active during the summer and all year around is having a plan for optimum performance. Kevin Honsberger: For being active this summer whether you are working on your golf game, playing sports with your kids, and just gardening, it's so important to be prepared. Strains and sprains leading to pain by overdoing it can happen at any time and that just takes the fun out of the summer. Sherry: To help you get the most out of your activities during the summer in the year-round, Kevin suggests putting a plan together that involves taking a proactive approach to exercising smart and effective pain management. Kevin Honsberger: Proactive really means taking responsibility for your health and developing a plan that's right for you. That includes picking a sport that's suited to you, proper stretching, proper strengthening and eating properly, all important aspects of summer time sports. The best resource is your health-care team. You should talk to them about what activity is appropriate for you at what level, especially if you are coming out from injury or returning to a sport after being away for a while. Exercise Smart means really enjoy your sports and activities, but listen to your body. Know your limits, don't over-do it and don't ignore the warning signals. Pain management is so important. You need to talk to your health-care team to understand the roles of ice, heat, stretching and rest. Don't forget the role of medication and talk to your family doctor for medication such as Celebrex. It's so important to make sure a ten-day problem doesn't become a four-week ordeal. Sherry: So whatever your passion, get outside and have fun, because as we all know summer will end far too quickly. Sherry Damatako (ph) reporting.