How to Prep a Potty Training Kid for a Night Out
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DadLabs ep 374 -- Should parents become shut-ins when the children are potty training? Probably. But if you insist on having a life outside the home, then you should prepare carefully before venturing out with your potty training toddler. Accidents happen. And they are completely gross. Brought to you by Kaboom. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to The Lounge, I’m Daddy Brad Daddy Clyde: And I’m Daddy Clyde. This week the lounge is brought to you by Kaboom scrub free, this is a refillable, continuous toilet cleaning system, Kaboom. Daddy Brad: Daddy Clyde, you know this week is all about potty training and potty training takes a while, it’s certainly can be a long process so during this time, you can’t stay shut into the house all the time, you have to go out, it will be very boring if you stayed in. Daddy Clyde: Hmm yes. Daddy Brad: Yes, so the question is, how do you prepare in order to minimize accidents when you go out in the real world during the potty training period? Daddy Clyde: Because venturing out with a child is potty training, it’s basically, you’re setting yourself up for a total nightmare for yourself and for others because there will be accidents, or certainty and when they happen in public, it’s particularly uncomfortable. Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clyde: All the public bathrooms. I think the first thing you got to do, you got to make sure, you got to find a way to ask the kid to use the bathroom before you go out . Daddy Brad: Yes, got to go poopoo now, got to go peepee now. Daddy Clyde: But it never works because as soon as the kid you say as the kid use the bathroom, what’s the answer? Daddy Brad: No. Daddy Clyde: And what’s the answer as soon as you get in the car? Daddy Brad: I got to go, yes. Daddy Clyde: Every single time, it’s amazing, so you can say you got to go poop before you leave, I don’t say I don’t need to poop until that buckle goes click and you get out of the driveway then that kid is turtling, it got to go right now. Daddy Brad: I think it’s the rumble of the engine, kind of get these thing is going and I just-- Daddy Clyde: Here’s another thing that I think you have to do, which is, you have to remember that whatever your routine is in your own bathroom is going to be replicated in the public bathroom. For example, if your daughter sings a little potty song in the house, she’s going to sing that song when you’re in the bathroom at the restaurant for everybody that is there. Daddy Brad: Yeah, makes sense. Daddy Clyde: I smell my poop, I see your face, it’s very cute when it’s just the two of you in the price of your bathroom. Daddy Brad: Kind of weird. Daddy Clyde: So know that whatever it is, whatever your routine is, that is what’s going to happen in the restaurant. Daddy Brad: So are you telling me that you’re supposed, you know like little potty insects that you put on the potty because the kids will fall through unless they have the potty inserts, you know, those things you have seen in there, do you carry that with you? Daddy Clyde: No way man, no way, no you can’t do that so what do you do when you get to fall ins, you got the big toilet. Daddy Brad: Hold on down there. Daddy Clyde: It’s a [voice overlap] Daddy Brad: It’s the Grand Canyon. Daddy Clyde: How do you do that and what do you do really, what do you do in public, do you always bring another set of clothes with you? Daddy Brad: Absolutely. Daddy Clyde: Because what and if the kid, you’re in the bathroom, the kid drops a deuce all over the clothing, that you insulate to the trash can and do you drag the naked kid through the restaurant? To the pants or do you always take the pants with you just in case? Daddy Brad: Trash can -- if it comes down to me dragging a naked kid through a restaurant, or a deuced up pair of pants, the animals are going into the can baby. Throw it away, you can’t say that kind of stuff. Daddy Clyde: Yeah, that is true. Daddy Brad: Yeah, it’s done. You know, you could put a diaper on them but you talked about encouraging back sliding, Daddy Clyde: Do you pit the locations that you’re going to, based on analogy you got a potty training kit. For example, you avoid going to the public park where the only option is absolutely the nastiest porta potty ever conceived by the mind now. Daddy Brad: But you can let the kid pee outside of the park. Daddy Clyde: No but what if it’s so --- well it’s true, m