How to Position a Baby for Breastfeeding
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Learn how to properly position your baby when breastfeeding, and the various positions you can use when breastfeeding.


Host: How should i position my baby for breastfeeding? Sandra Cole: In this segment we'll demonstrating how to get comfortable and position yourself to breastfeed. First of all it's ideal to get out of bed, if you and into either an arm chair or a coach. This will give you room for your pillows and make yourself comfortable for breastfeeding. I don't like men rockers or gliders because tend to move in those and the motion puts the babies to sleep. You want your baby awake for breastfeeding. If you're sitting on a chair and your feet don't touch the ground, use a stool or better yet sit cross legged. That's how I'm going to demonstrate it. Sitting this way takes the pressure off your bottom. Also helps create lap for positioning your baby better. There are several products out there for helping to position yourself. One of which is this breastfeeding pillow. There are several breastfeeding pillows. This one is squared off, which I really like. The round ones tend to leave a gap between you and your pillow, in which your baby can fall down and then isn't positioned right. This particular pillow is for twins and it gives you little bit more room. I'm not going to demonstrate with that however. I'm going to use some cushions. You want to make sure your back is comfortable, sitting comfortably and that your shoulders are down. This relaxes all your muscles in your chest area and helps with laid down of milk. You want enough pillows that you can bring your baby up to you breast and thus level with your chest. You don't want to be bending down to your baby or bringing your baby up to you. You want to be comfortable. My arm is not too comfortable right now, there is nothing for it to rest on, so I'm going to change that. Okay, now I feel much more comfortable and I'm ready to breastfeed.