How to Play When You Wish Upon a Star on the Piano - Part 2
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Learn how to play the song When You Wish Upon A Star on piano or keyboard. Part 2 of 2.


Now we are moving in to the second half of the song, the chorus. A couple black notes here. [Demo] So, let us break that down and show you how to do it. So we are doing our right hand first melody, we are going to start off with this D here. [Demo] Just the one black note there, let us do that again, starting off with a D. [Demo] And now at the next section. [Demo] Do that again starting with the E this time. [Demo] Last part is. [Demo] So let us just go through the right hand one more time here nice and slow, starting of with D. [Demo] Go back to the D. [Demo] The E this time. [Demo] If we want to add some left hand to it, we are starting off on our D note up here and we are going to use a D minor chord in your left hand. [Demo] Here we go, G 7. [Demo] And a C. [Demo] And the next section, we go back to that D minor again. [Demo] To your G7 again. [Demo] Go back to the C. [Demo] So we have basically done the same thing that is a D minor, G 7 and a C and then we do it again for the second time. Let us do the whole thing again and then D minor. [Demo] Starting with a D here. [Demo] Back to your C. Back up to your D minor. [Demo] G7 and a C. [Demo] So let us do that one more time, D minor. [Demo] G7 and a C. [Demo] Back to your D minor. [Demo] G7 [Demo] And a C. [Demo] In the next section we are going to start off with our E note here, two black notes this time. [Demo] Let us go through that again starting with your E, and these are the two black notes we are going to use here. [Demo] Do that one more time with your E note here. Adding some chords to it, we are going to use our A minor. A minor would be this way. [Demo] To a D7, so you have your D7. Let us start that part again, E minor, right here on your E note. [Demo] D7. [Demo] D minor. [Demo] And G7. [Demo] And then we will go back to the C again. Let us do that section again. It is a little bit difficult, A minor, strarting with the E note here and change your D7, D minor and your G 7 and then go right back to the beginning and you go to those down there and we are back to the start again. So let us do a whole review of the thing. Okay, here we go, you use your straight chords or your individual notes, whatever you want. [Demo] Nice phrase to get from the first verse, into the second is a D minor, G 7 and you are right back to start again. [Demo] Second time, it ends on a C, okay how are you doing? It is the chorus now. [Demo] A minor. [Demo] D7. [Demo] There is your D minor and G 7. [Demo] Then we you go right back to the beginning again. [Demo] Okay there you go. Good luck with that and I hope you let me know how you make out.