How to Play the Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Against Block
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Learn how to play the forehand topspin against block. A Table Tennis coaching lesson from PingSkills.


Speaker: So now we are going to talk about the Forehand Topspin Against Block. Let's focus on the things that we know we need to do with our strokes, the start position and the finish position, okay. So you will see there that Jeff's start position is around hip high or just a little bit lower and you can see that his bat is right next to him, okay. And then, his finish position is up and above his eyes. If you just look at the position of his arm, it is at a 90 degree angle. Okay, so the upper arm to the lower arm is at 90 degree angle. Jeff will just turn around and just show us, okay. That is the finish position for your forehand topspin, okay. There also is 90 degree angle underneath your arm, so your armpit also forms a 90 degree angle. That's the finish position for your Forehand Topspin. Jeff Plumb: I hope you've enjoyed these lessons and you've got something out of them. Stop by to visit our website and pay for the lessons, you decide how much. Your contribution would go into helping us make some more videos.