How to Play the Table Tennis Backhand Block
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Learn how to play the backhand block in Table Tennis. This coaching lesson is proudly brought to you by PingSkills.


Have you been wondering what to do if your opponent top spins the ball into your back hand. I am Alois Rosario from and today we are going to show you the backhand block. The backhand block is the shorter version of the backhand category. The backhand category you start here and go all the way through. Whereas the backhand block is a shorter stroke. Why is it shorter? There is two main reasons, the first one is that you don't need to generate your own pace because your opponent is with the top spin on the ball for you. The other thing is that you often don't have enough time to play a full stroke. When your opponent is attacking you, you just have time to defend with a shorter stroke. Start with your bat nice and flat and get your bat to come straight through the ball and punch it at the direction that you want the ball to go. If you take a better way you can see the L, the L that's made with your thumb and pointed finger and that punches straight through the ball. With the backhand block you are using the pace of the top spin to block the ball back, the stroke isn't very weak, you are just pushing the ball forward using the pace of the top spin. You can extend the backhand block into a punch by just generating your own pace now and punching the ball forward with your bat. The starting angle of your bat will change depending on the amount of top spin that your opponent has placed on the ball, the more top spin they have put on it, the more you come over the ball so that the ball can go down on the table. If they have less top spin, you can open your bat up and punch it more forward. So for more top spin, over the ball with your bat. The less top spin, open your bat up. Your feet position for the backhand block is facing towards where you want the ball to go. You need to be very balanced so that you can block the ball consistently.