How to Play the Banjo: Tag Licks
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Here we will learn to fancy up our banjo playing with some tag licks.


First thing that we are going to do is to play a little bit fancy or ‘taglect’. Before, we learn how to play this (music playing). So now, we will going to add a little fly into that (music playing). Very less in small flats and scrubs on recordings E for that like a million time (music playing). Sometimes, we have a space near the beginning (music playing) and sometimes it would not (music playing). The role is the same, it is just that whether you leave a space and do not hit one of those notes. All the other notes are in the same place (music playing). I would like to do mostly, usually a slide, to the third fret. First of all, usually I slide because it is possible to play that with a hammer on (music playing). Then, I slide more often and it tend to just go to the third fret because it is also possible to slide to the fourth fret (music playing). Sometimes you want one, sometimes you want the other but, you will find it usually the third fret works better.