How to Play Tee Ball: Catching Fly Balls
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Learn how you can help improve your kids' or team's fly ball catching skills and become a better tee ball coach!


(Music playing) Good one, that is alright Andrew, that is alright. Okay, if you missed it what are you going to do? If you miss the ball what are you going to do? Run after it quick right, run after it quick. Good catch, turn and throw, right. I won, good try, good try, go get it. That is a basket fetch, there you go, good catch , good catch right here, good throw. It is almost the snow cone. Close your glove too soon, you got to keep it open right, good try Andrew okay. Back, back , back good try, go get it hassle, turn and throw, good throw. Good try, good try, good try, it is alright, right here, good throw, good one.