How to Play Stick Ball
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In this video, we learn some fitness for kids workouts, such as playing stick ball.


Hi everyone! My name is Celia Kibler and I am from Funfit. I am going to teach you a game that's a favorite here at Funfit, and all you need is some of the things you have at home, that you usually take to the pool, like a beach ball, and the swimming noodle. For little kids, you can cut your swimming noodle in half, and make it three feet long. For bigger kids, you can keep the six foot long noodle as it is. Today we are going to play stick hockey, and we are going to use our noodles and our balls, and we are going to try to hit the goals. And you can make goals out of anything, that can be bushes, that can be hoops, that can be a goal you may have at home, that can be a bag or a box, anything you want to make a goal out of, to get your beach ball into. We are going to play it outside, or inside, because it's fun for both and safe for both. Just be sure you clear away any items that might get knocked over if they are hit with the noodle, and don't forget, we don't use our noodle to hit anybody that we are playing with. We only use it to hit the ball.